Marty at Cartridge World of Cherry Hill is the World’s Worst Printer Salesman.

Why? Because he doesn’t sell printers…he just gives them away!

That’s right, our relationship with you starts with our simply giving you a printer, absolutely free of charge. Let us explain.

All printers come with starter cartridges…by design. Once you buy the machine, you are now forced to buy the specific cartridges for it. And as you probably well know if you’ve had this experience, if you knew the cost of the cartridges up front, you might not have purchased that machine.

At Cartridge World of Cherry Hill, our program is simple.

Purchase two of our replacement cartridges up front (which cost 20-30% LESS than the over-priced name brands) and we will give you the printer for free!

If it is a color laser machine, you will need to purchase two full sets up front, but you will still receive a printer at no cost.

Our intent (and it works!) is that you’ll be so happy with our product, our prices, and our service, that you will return over and over to purchase your cartridges. However, you are under NO obligation to do so. We are taking 100% of the risk…and you are getting a new printer absolutely FREE.

We offer all brands but our main focus is on Xerox and Brother. We strive to put the right printer in place for you and your business needs. We not only consider the cost of the machine for you…but the overall cost to print for the life of the machine.

You can order online, of course…but we would prefer to speak with you and ask some questions prior to you ordering. Call, text or email us today…let’s set a time to talk and discuss your needs. Ask us about our free printer program!